MicroSurvey CAD - Basic

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MicroSurvey CAD is a professional land survey and civil design software known for its robust capabilities. It offers comprehensive tools for land surveying, construction, and civil engineering projects, making it a valuable solution for professionals in these fields. Users can create accurate surveys, generate detailed maps, and design infrastructure projects with precision. MicroSurvey CAD is recognized for its user-friendly interface and compatibility with various data formats, making it a popular choice for those seeking efficient surveying and design software. P/N: SW-CAD-BAS

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Comprehensive Surveying Tools

Offers a wide array of specialized surveying tools for tasks like boundary calculations and COGO.

Seamless Data Integration

Seamlessly integrates with various data formats, facilitating smooth data exchange and collaboration.

Customizable Drafting and Design

Enables users to create precise drawings with customizable styles and templates.

Field-to-Finish Workflows

Supports efficient field-to-finish workflows for importing, processing, and generating final drawings and reports.