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Software provides the construction industry with powerful insight and design tools that add value through enhanced planning and analysis. More accurately estimate materials, provide real-time design-build data, analyze mass data, and more using software created by the most cutting-edge brands in the business.

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We know that down-time is expensive when you're trying to get the job done. Our online store makes sure you can get the parts you need fast. See our related products below or search here for the part you're looking for. If you have a question about one of our systems reach out to us!

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For Surveyors

Field software provides surveyors and grademen with real-time positioning information so they can compare builds to the design.

For Machine Operators

Software provides machine operators with real-time positioning data to the bucket/blade, so operators can more accurately cut and fill.

For Design

Design, manage, and estimate your projects with powerful CAD and mass data software.

For Reality Capture

Import and edit 3D models and point clouds captured with photogrammetric and laser scanners.


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43 products

MicroSurvey CAD - Studio
MicroSurvey CAD - Studio Sale price$12,900.00
MicroSurvey CAD - Ultimate
MicroSurvey CAD - Ultimate Sale price$11,450.00
X300 SW, Stonex Module Mining, 1 user license Sale priceContact Sales for Pricing
WINGTRA | PPK Activation License for all Sensors
X300 SW, Stonex Module Construction , 1 user license Sale priceContact Sales for Pricing
Software Stonex Cube-h24 GNSS - 5 CORS
X300 SW, Stonex Reconstructor Survey - 1 user license Sale priceContact Sales for Pricing
Software Cube-3d PHOTO
Software Cube-3d PHOTO Sale price$4,554.00
FieldGenius - Premium
FieldGenius - Premium Sale price$3,430.00
MicroSurvey CAD - Premium
MicroSurvey CAD - Premium Sale price$3,255.00
Software Cube-3d PHOTO 12-months license
Software Stonex Cube-h24 TS
Software Stonex Cube-h24 TS Sale price$2,898.00
MicroSurvey CAD - Standard
MicroSurvey CAD - Standard Sale price$2,460.00
FieldGenius - Standard
FieldGenius - Standard Sale price$2,390.00
FieldGenius for Android
FieldGenius for Android Sale price$2,045.00
Point Cloud Export
Point Cloud Export Sale price$1,821.60
Space Wrap (Cylindrical, Polygonal & Curved section)
Volume Sale price$1,821.60
Vectorizer Sale price$1,821.60
Software Stonex Cube-manager-p/t/m
MicroSurvey CAD - Basic
MicroSurvey CAD - Basic Sale price$1,670.00