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Satel specializes in wireless communication technology for machine control and surveying applications in the construction industry. Their product range includes robust radio modems and data radios that provide reliable and secure wireless connectivity between various construction machines, sensors, and control systems. Satel's solutions facilitate real-time data transfer, enabling seamless communication and synchronization between different components, thereby enhancing productivity, efficiency, and safety on construction sites

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Reliable Radio Communication

Satel specializes in reliable radio communication systems for construction and surveying applications, ensuring seamless data transmission and communication between field devices.

Long Range Coverage

Satel's radio communication systems offer long-range coverage, allowing for communication over extended distances in challenging terrains and environments.

Secure and Robust

Satel's communication solutions are built to be secure and robust, with encryption and error-checking mechanisms to ensure the integrity and privacy of transmitted data.

Flexibility and Compatibility

Satel's systems are designed to be flexible and compatible with a wide range of construction technology devices, enabling seamless integration into existing workflows and equipment.


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SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35W Kit w/o Antenna Sale priceContact Sales for Pricing
SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35W 403-473Mhz Sale priceContact Sales for Pricing
SATELLINE-EASy 403-473Mhz Sale priceContact Sales for Pricing
NMO-TNC Antenna Mount
NMO-TNC Antenna Mount Sale price$300.00
Power cable C-P-SAE-35W 4-pin 2m
Data cable CRS-35W 8-pin/7-pin 2m
Power adapter 150w with ODU
Power adapter 150w with ODU Sale price$220.00
Modem Carrying Case
Modem Carrying Case Sale price$150.00
Data cable CRS-35W 8-pin/D9f 2m
Attenuator 30dB, 1W, TNC
Attenuator 30dB, 1W, TNC Sale price$140.00
Antenna Cable low loss TNCm-TNCm
Antenna,NGP 450-470 MHz
Antenna,NGP 450-470 MHz Sale price$120.00
AC Adapter 40W 12V 2.1x5.5plug
Interface Adapter NARS-1F-4A-SC
Antenna Miniflex 400-435
Antenna Miniflex 400-435 Sale price$54.00
Interface Cable CRS-9
Interface Cable CRS-9 Sale price$12.00
Antenna Cable CRF-1
Antenna Cable CRF-1 Sale price$0.00
Programming cable PROG-35W 8pin
Power cable C-P-35W 3m for battery
Interface Cable CRS-2M
Interface Cable CRS-2M Sale price$0.00