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We know that down-time is expensive when you're trying to get the job done. Our online store makes sure you can get the parts you need fast. See our related products below or search here for the part you're looking for. If you have a question about one of our systems reach out to us!

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9 products

FieldGenius - Basic
FieldGenius - Basic Sale price$1,610.00
FieldGenius - Premium
FieldGenius - Premium Sale price$3,430.00
FieldGenius - Standard
FieldGenius - Standard Sale price$2,390.00
FieldGenius for Android
FieldGenius for Android Sale price$2,045.00
MicroSurvey CAD - Basic
MicroSurvey CAD - Basic Sale price$1,670.00
MicroSurvey CAD - Premium
MicroSurvey CAD - Premium Sale price$3,255.00
MicroSurvey CAD - Standard
MicroSurvey CAD - Standard Sale price$2,460.00
MicroSurvey CAD - Studio
MicroSurvey CAD - Studio Sale price$12,900.00
MicroSurvey CAD - Ultimate
MicroSurvey CAD - Ultimate Sale price$11,450.00