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The WINGTRA Combo Wing GEN II is an advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed for professional mapping and surveying applications. This fixed-wing drone combines the versatility of a multi-rotor system with the endurance and coverage capabilities of a fixed-wing platform. With its high-resolution imaging sensor and advanced flight planning software, the WINGTRA Combo Wing GEN II enables professionals to capture highly accurate aerial imagery, create high-resolution orthomosaics, digital surface models, and perform 3D mapping. This UAV revolutionizes data collection in fields such as land surveying, agriculture, environmental monitoring, and infrastructure inspections, offering a comprehensive solution for efficient and accurate aerial data acquisition. P/N: WGT-WOP-EMP-GEN2

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Long Flight Times

Airborne for up to 59 minutes

High-Precision Mappin

Full-frame 61 MP Camera

Best in Class GSD

0.7 centermeters per pixel


Absolute horizontal accuracy down to 1cm