GNSS Surveying

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GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) surveying technology utilizes satellite signals to determine accurate positioning data for surveying applications. It enables surveyors to quickly and accurately collect location information for various purposes such as land surveying, mapping, and construction layout. GNSS surveying provides high precision and efficiency, replacing traditional surveying methods and significantly reducing surveying time and costs.

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High Precision and Accuracy

GNSS surveying systems provide highly accurate positioning and measurements, enabling precise surveying, mapping, and geospatial data collection.

Efficient Fieldwork

These systems streamline surveying operations by reducing setup time, improving workflow efficiency, and enabling faster data acquisition.

Versatility and Flexibility

GNSS surveying systems can be used in various applications, including topographic surveys, construction layout, cadastral mapping, and infrastructure monitoring.

Real-Time Data

GNSS systems provide real-time positioning data, allowing surveyors to make on-the-fly adjustments and decisions during fieldwork.


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Software Stonex Cube-a TS+GPS on board v6.x
Software Stonex Cube-a 3D v6.x
Cable 40m for antenna GNSS (AC-40M)
External battery: Stonex EB-9000 12V 9000mAh output 4.5A (EB-9000)
UT20/UT50 Battery Charger - 4 slots
Software Stonex Cube-manager-t
Software Stonex Cube-manager-m
Carrying case for S900 Base+Rover (CC-9BR)
2.5M Carbon Fibre Aluminum Pole
SRT10W Office docking
SRT10W Office docking Sale price$524.40
Cable 30m for antenna GNSS (AC-30M)
2m Snap Lock Rover Pole
2m Snap Lock Rover Pole Sale price$467.08
Carbon Fiber BIpod
Carbon Fiber BIpod Sale price$439.48
Carrying case for S900 (CC-900)
UT30/UT32 Battery Charger
UT30/UT32 Battery Charger Sale price$379.50
Software Stonex Cube-manager-p/L1
UT50 Desktop Charger
UT50 Desktop Charger Sale price$365.70
UT20/UT 50 Standard Battery
UT20/UT 50 Standard Battery Sale price$365.70
Software Stonex Cube-a GIS v6.x
STJ10-B, Tribrach [metal,three jaws, with optical plummet, black]
Tribrach with Optical Plummet
Plate for monitoring
Plate for monitoring Sale price$324.30
Carrying case for S700A/S850A (CC-700)
Geomeasure Fibreglass Tripod
Geomeasure Fibreglass Tripod Sale price$318.46