Optical Surveying

Optical Surveying

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Optical surveying involves using optical instruments like total stations and theodolites to measure angles and distances in surveying applications. These instruments use optical principles to determine precise coordinates and elevations of points on the ground. Optical surveying provides accurate measurements for various surveying tasks, including land surveys, topographic mapping, and construction layout.

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Precise Measurement

Optical surveying instruments, such as total stations, provide high-precision measurements for various surveying and construction tasks.

Angle and Distance Measurements

Optical surveying systems allow accurate angle and distance measurements, facilitating precise positioning and layout tasks.

Data Collection

Optical surveying instruments often include data collection capabilities, enabling efficient data recording for fieldwork documentation and analysis.

Integration with CAD and GIS

Optical surveying systems can be integrated with CAD and GIS software, allowing for seamless data transfer and integration into design and mapping workflows.


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