STAL1032-Opt. Autolevel 32X - DEG -STD Dev. 1 mm/double run 1 Km

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The STAL 1000/1100 Series autolevels are designed for quick and easy setup and usage. With accuracy up to 1 mm/Km (double run leveling), the STAL 1032 model stands out as a high-precision autolevel suitable for monitoring and engineering works. Precise pointing is ensured by the horizontal knobs with an unlimited range, while the circle, graduated in DEG or GON, allows for angular measurements. The newly redesigned optic in the STAL autolevels provides exceptional brightness, enabling their use even in low-light conditions, thanks to the wide objective aperture of 40 mm. The STAL 1132 model, equipped with a 32x telescope, offers an accuracy of 1.5 mm/Km. In comparison, the STAL 1032 model, with the same telescope magnifications, features even higher accuracy, reaching up to 1.0 mm/Km due to its high accuracy automatic air damping compensator. Additionally, the STAL 1132 model offers a minimum focusing capability down to 0.4 m, enhancing performance in tight spots or on steep slopes. P/N: 70-750033

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High Accuracy

Up to 1 mm/Km (double run leveling)

Precise Pointing

Horizontal knobs with unlimited range

Bright Optics

Wide objective aperture (40 mm)

Telescope Options

STAL 1132 with 32x magnification