XVS vSLAM scanner

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The VVX vSLAM Scanner integrates high-resolution images, inertial systems, and a complex algorithm to capture scenarios with XVS and generate 3D models using photogrammetry. The real-time interface guides users during data collection, suggesting movement speed and ensuring image overlap. Visual SLAM and IMU sensor enable trajectory display and continuous image block generation. Automatic algorithms optimize results, and the 3D model generation process is fully automated on a desktop PC. XVS data can be integrated with UAV drone or camera video for comprehensive area reconstruction. P/N: B60-200418

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Smart algorithm ensures precise models with 2-3mm accuracy in close captures and loop closure.

HD Textures

High-resolution images reconstruct material textures with clarity and realism.

Scaled and Leveled Results

Automatic target detection and inertial systems deliver scaled and leveled results.

Easy To Use

User-friendly system allows multiple users without prior 3D scanner knowledge, with field applications providing guidance.