X120GO + Cube 3D SCANNER

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The X120GO combined with Cube 3D is a comprehensive solution for efficient and accurate photogrammetry and pointcloud processing. The X120GO scanner captures detailed data quickly, while Cube 3D allows fast post-processing of photogrammetry and point cloud data. With this powerful combination, users can achieve precise measurements, create 3D models, and perform in-depth analysis for various construction applications, optimizing workflows and project outcomes. P/N: B60-200419

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Rapid and Reduced Workload

Collect data without stationing or stitching multiple point clouds


Combine indoor and outdoor data, even in the most demanding environments.

Real Time Preview

See your scanning progress in real time using the dedicated Android App.

Automatic Control Point Measurement

When capturing data, X120GO is able to collect reference points on its own so they can be matched to compile a single data set.