X100 - Laserscanner

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The X100 Laser Scanner is a high-precision scanning device that enables professionals to capture detailed 3D data with speed and accuracy. This portable and versatile scanner is designed for various applications such as architecture, engineering, and industrial design. With its advanced laser technology and fast scanning capabilities, the X100 combined with Cube-3D and Stonex Reconstructor software provides professionals with the ability to create precise 3D models, perform accurate measurements, and visualize objects and environments in a digital format. The X100 Laser Scanner enhances efficiency and productivity in fields that require precise spatial data acquisition. P/N: B60-200415

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Small and Light

Can easily be used by one person, weighing approximately 3kg.

Wireless Control

The system can be operated remotely through it's dedicated Android application.

Panoramic HRD Camera

Adds color to your scan data.

Self Calibrating

+/- 5 degree tilt compensation and electronic bubble for precise leveling