STX-DIG 1D 1/2

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The Stonex STX-DIG 1D system offers an introductory solution to machine control, enabling operators to manage digging and vertical leveling tasks with speed and precision. Ideal for first-time users of machine control technologies, this system is compatible with excavators and mini excavators. It simplifies complex tasks by providing real-time bucket position monitoring, making it easier to perform underwater or blind digging operations. P/N: STX-DIG-1.5D

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Simplified Installation and Use

Designed for ease of setup and operation, making it accessible for beginners.

Real-Time Bucket Position Monitoring

Enables operators to track the bucket's position on the screen, enhancing precision for tasks like underwater and blind digging.

Flexible Height References

Supports working with various height references, including existing surfaces or a rotating laser, to accommodate different project requirements.