Stonex R180, Robotic Total Station, 1000m, 1'', Android (*)

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The Stonex R180 is a state-of-the-art robotic total station designed to deliver outstanding accuracy and performance in surveying applications. With a remarkable range of 1000 meters and a high-precision of 1'', the R180 enables professionals to conduct precise measurements and stakeouts with ease. Its integrated Android operating system provides intuitive control and seamless data management, enhancing efficiency and productivity on construction sites. P/N: B20-220118

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TDrive Motor

180 degree/sec rotation and the quietest in it's class.

High Accuracy

1 mm + 1 ppm prism accuracy, less than 1 second per measurement.

Long Distance

6000m range with a prism and 1000m range reflectorless.

Built-in Camera

View the points surveyed on LCD display or use the images for collimation.