Stonex F6 Handheld Scanner - Bundle

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The STONEX F6 is a cutting-edge 3D handheld scanner that dominates the market, offering rapid scanning capabilities for capturing large objects and expansive areas across various distances. Its innovative encoding algorithm ensures exceptional data quality, making it the go-to device for swiftly scanning complex scenes. Operating through the user-friendly Echo software, the F6 provides advanced features, including real-time feedback in advanced scanning modes, powerful 3D data editing tools, precise control over distances and accuracy, and advanced meshing with full-color projection. With the F6, users can effortlessly capture detailed 3D scans in seconds. P/N: B60-200318

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Offering advanced scanning modes with real-time feedback for precise capture.


Providing powerful 3D data editing tools for comprehensive manipulation.


High quality capture for controlling distances and accuracy.


Enabling advanced meshing with full color projection for immersive visualization.