R20-LR, Total Station, 1000m, 2', Bluetooth - Bundle

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The R20 range includes 3 models: R20 1000 m (2″ accuracy), R20 1000 m (1″ accuracy), and R20 600 m (2″ accuracy). These models offer optimal performance up to 5000 m with prism and 1000 m or 600 m reflectorless. Equipped with a high-performance illuminated reticle telescope, the R20 range ensures quality observation in any environmental conditions. With onboard programs suitable for construction, cadastral, mapping, and staking work, the R20 models feature a user-friendly interface. Bluetooth connectivity allows for connection to an external controller and the use of customized field software. P/N: B20-220066

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Long Distance Measurements

High accuracy measurements: 1000m or 600m (model dependent) in reflectorless mode, up to 5000m with single prism, mm accuracy.

Fast, Accurate, Reliable

Cost-effective and reliable measurements with high angular accuracy

Long Battery Life

Over 22 hours of continuous work with low power consumption.

Temperature/Pressure Sensors

Automatic adjustment of distance calculations for temperature and pressure changes, ensuring accuracy.