GradeMetrix VR500 Dozer Kit

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The GradeMetrix Dozer Kit is a comprehensive solution specifically designed to enhance machine control for dozers in construction projects. This kit incorporates advanced sensors and guidance systems that provide precise positioning and real-time data feedback to dozer operators. With this system, operators can achieve precise grading, optimize earth-moving operations, and streamline the dozing process. This leads to increased productivity, reduced rework, and improved project efficiency. By utilizing the Dozer Kit's advanced features, construction companies can enhance their dozing operations, achieve accurate grading, and improve overall project outcomes. P/N: 980-0098-10

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Dynamic Cut/Fill to tracks or bucket


Comes with all constellations standard, allowing for accurate and reliable corrections


2D, 2.5D, 3D operation modes standard.


Supports tilt and rotating bucket options.