A30-Opt. Autolevel 28X - DEG

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Stonex introduces the A30 Auto Level, a reliable and cost-effective solution designed specifically for construction applications. With its user-friendly interface, the A30 Auto Level eliminates human errors and streamlines the levelling process, resulting in enhanced productivity and performance. In a matter of seconds, it can accurately measure height differences and distances, offering high precision with a standard deviation of ±1.5mm for 1km round-trip levelling measurements. The A30's compensator boasts minimal thermal expansion coefficient, ensuring exceptional durability and accuracy. Additional features, such as the tilt sensor, prevent measurements outside the compensator range, reducing errors. With the ability to read horizontal angles with 1° or 1gon increments and free rotation capabilities, the Stonex A30 Auto Level is the ideal instrument for your daily levelling tasks. P/N: 70-751043

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Affordable Construction Tool

The A30 Auto Level brings the benefits of auto leveling to construction applications at an affordable price.

Enhanced Productivity

Minimizes human error and maximizes levelling work efficiency, increasing productivity and performance.

High Accuracy

Offers high precision with a standard deviation of ±1.5mm for 1km round-trip leveling measurements.

Durable and Reliable

The compensator with minimal thermal expansion coefficient ensures unmatched durability and accuracy.