Large Excavators

Enhance Performance With Precision Control

Machine control technology enhances the efficiency and precision of large-scale excavation projects. It allows operators to accurately control the excavation process, reducing errors and increasing productivity. By utilizing advanced sensors, GPS, and machine control software, operators can achieve precise digging, grading, and trenching, resulting in faster completion times and improved accuracy.

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Improved Accuracy and Efficiency

Large excavator machine control systems enable precise digging, grading, and earthmoving operations, increasing accuracy and productivity on construction sites.

Reduced Material Waste

By providing real-time guidance and control, these systems help minimize over-digging, optimizing material usage and reducing waste.

Enhanced Safety

Machine control systems for large excavators enhance safety by preventing potential collisions with other equipment or underground utilities through proximity warnings and obstacle detection features.

Streamlined Operations

The system's intuitive interface and automated functionalities simplify complex excavation tasks, reducing manual effort and streamlining operations.


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GMS-1 Horizontal Sensor
GMS-1 Horizontal Sensor Sale price$1,207.04
GMS-1 Vertical Sensor
GMS-1 Vertical Sensor Sale price$1,207.04
Tilt sensor
Tilt sensor Sale price$1,083.30
Dual Boom Sensor TLU100 range 0-360°
Frame Sensor TLU100 range +/- 85
Bucket Sensor TLU100 range 0-360°
Main Boom Sensor TLU100 range 0-360°
Stick Sensor TLU100 range 0-360°
15ft Coil Cable, N-Type (M) to N-Type (M)
Mounting Bracket Kit, R/A
Mounting Bracket Kit, R/A Sale price$822.48
GMS-1 Sensor Mount with Cover
Bulkhead Adapter Assembly Kit
VR500 Cable, 7-Pin (F) to Dual 5-PIN, 4.5m
Connection Box
Connection Box Sale price$540.96
A46 GNSS Antenna RF Cable, 25FT
A46 GNSS Antenna RF Cable, 20FT
Cable, M12 CAN M/F Sensor, 10m
Dozer Coil Cable Kit, 10ft
Dozer Coil Cable Kit, 10ft Sale price$463.68
VR500 Cable, 22-Pin to 5-Pin, 15m
Mounting Bracket Kit, Flat
Mounting Bracket Kit, Flat Sale price$408.48
VR500 Cable, 22-Pin to Dual 5-Pin, 3.5m
Bipod Sale price$360.92
VR1000 Cable, 23-Pin to 12-Pin, 0.5m
VR500 Cable, 22-Pin, 15m
VR500 Cable, 22-Pin, 15m Sale price$342.24