Revolutionize Earthworks with Cutting-Edge Dozer Control

Dozer machine control technology revolutionizes the performance of bulldozers by providing precise grading, leveling, and earthmoving capabilities. With the help of advanced positioning and control systems, operators can achieve accurate blade control, reducing material waste and improving productivity. Dozer machine control ensures consistent and precise grading, leading to smoother surfaces with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

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Precise Grading and Leveling

Dozer machine control systems enable precise grading and leveling operations, ensuring accurate surface preparation and earthmoving.

Increased Productivity

These systems streamline dozer operations by providing real-time guidance, reducing manual effort, and allowing for faster and more efficient grading and leveling tasks.

Improved Material Usage

By minimizing overcuts and undercuts, dozer machine control systems optimize material usage, reducing waste and costs on construction projects.

Enhanced Safety

The system's advanced features, such as grade and slope monitoring, help prevent accidents and improve operator safety during dozing operations.


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Dozer Coil Cable Kit, 10ft
Dozer Coil Cable Kit, 10ft Sale price$463.68
VR500 Cable, 22-Pin to 5-Pin, 15m
Mounting Bracket Kit, Flat
Mounting Bracket Kit, Flat Sale price$408.48
VR500 Cable, 22-Pin to Dual 5-Pin, 3.5m
Bipod Sale price$360.92
VR1000 Cable, 23-Pin to 12-Pin, 0.5m
VR500 Cable, 22-Pin, 15m
VR500 Cable, 22-Pin, 15m Sale price$342.24
GMS-1 Sensor Mount
GMS-1 Sensor Mount Sale price$325.68
Cable, M12 CAN M/F Sensor, 5m
VR1000 Cable, 12-Pin to 2X6-Pin, 5m
Cable, M12 CAN M/F Sensor, 3m
Antenna, 450MHz-470MHz, NMO MOUNT
VR500 Cable, 22-Pin to 5-Pin, 3.5m
Cable, M12 CAN M/F Sensor, 2m
Magnetic Base for UHF Antenna 12ft TNC Cable
VR500 Cable, 22-Pin to 7-Pin (M), 0.5m
IronTwo Cable, Y-Cable
IronTwo Cable, Y-Cable Sale price$174.80
IronOne Cable, Y-Cable
IronOne Cable, Y-Cable Sale price$174.80
IronX Cable, IO, Bulkhead, 4m
VR500 Cable, Port B to DB9 (M), 0.5m
VR500 Cable, 22-Pin, 3m
VR500 Cable, 22-Pin, 3m Sale price$143.52
VR500 Cable, Port B to DB9 (F), 0.5m
Can Termination Resistor, M12 (M)
VR1000 Cable, 6-Pin to DB9 (F), 0.5m