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Laser scanning technology enables the efficient and accurate capture of large amounts of data about physical objects or environments. By using laser beams to measure distances and create point clouds, laser scanning generates highly detailed and precise 3D representations of real-world objects or spaces. This technology finds applications in various fields, including architecture, engineering, construction, and cultural heritage preservation. Laser scanning and the resulting mass data offer valuable insights, facilitate analysis, support design processes, and enable accurate documentation and visualization of complex structures or environments.

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High-Quality 3D Data

Laser scanning systems capture detailed and accurate 3D data of physical objects and environments, providing a comprehensive representation for various applications.

Efficient Data Capture

Laser scanning allows for rapid and efficient data collection, reducing the time required for traditional manual measurements or inspections.

As-Built Documentation

Laser scanning is commonly used for capturing as-built documentation of existing structures, facilitating design, renovation, or retrofitting projects.

Clash Detection and Analysis

3D laser scan data can be utilized for clash detection, identifying potential conflicts between existing structures, utilities, or new design elements.


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Mesh Sale price$1,159.20
X300 SW, Stonex Reconstructor Survey & Construction, dealer license, 1 year
X300 SW, Stonex Reconstructor Survey & Mining, dealer license 1 year
X300 SW, Stonex Module Mining, dealer licence, 1 year
X300 SW, Stonex Module Construction , dealer license, 1 year
X 100 Transport case and safety frame
X120GO Phone Holder
X120GO Phone Holder Sale price$546.48
X100 Tripod
X100 Tripod Sale price$546.48
X100 Tripod adapter and accessories for scanner
X100 Battery protect case
X100 Battery protect case Sale price$425.04
X300 SW, Stonex Reconstructor Survey, dealer license, 1 year
XVS Telescopic Pole (including Pole and USB type-C)
X100 Lithium battery
X100 Lithium battery Sale price$242.88
Stonex Reconstructor Color&Mapping, dealer licence, 1 year
SR02, Serial cable 5pin Lemo/5pin Lemo
X100 Power cable(mainframe and battery)
X120GO Handle
X120GO Handle Sale price$117.30
X100 ManagerDongle
X100 ManagerDongle Sale price$106.26
X100 U-disk 64GB
X100 U-disk 64GB Sale price$106.26
X120GO Smart charger for batteries (EU,US car plugs included)
X120GO GCP base – bottom bracket
X120GO Chargeable battery
X120GO Chargeable battery Sale price$20.70